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    There is a new concept – Crypto Loan service. Did you know that faith among crypto holders, or HODLers, remains strong?

    Who is a Crypto HODLer?

    According to recent research, over half the Bitcoin supply sits in wallets that hold over 200 coins ($1.3 million USD)! Despite the bear market in Bitcoin for 2018, the so-called crypto whales are still holding tight. For some of them who are holding onto their digital coins and need cash now, crypto loan services are coming to the rescue.

    Crypto loan services allow people to borrow actual cash at an interest rate, in return for depositing their crypto as collateral. Today, new services are capitalizing on this demand. There is one company in particular that we would like to introduce – YouHodler.

    Crypto Loan Platform

    YouHodler is a platform that allows a user to deposit major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, to borrow EUR or USD. The present amount that a user can borrow is up to $10,000 USD, to be returned with interest at an agreed date.

    LTV Ratio

    YouHodler allows a Loan to Value ratio of up to 80%, which is almost unheard of in the crypto loan industry. So, how does YouHodler do it?

    Not many crypto loan services have their own funds. However, YouHodler has one of its own. The fund allows the organization to be more flexible with their Loan to Value ratios and offer a higher cash loan relative to one’s crypto. Neat, right?

    The YouHodler Team

    Now, you might ask, why would anyone risk lending out his/her money in exchange for crypto collateral?

    The answer lies in the term TRUST. The YouHodler team is extremely well-versed in the crypto field. It has been a part of YouToken, an earlier crypto project, since its inception. In addition, the CEO and co-founder of YouHodler, Ilya Volkov, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Volkov has spent many years studying financial models and financial risk management. He even helped build LibertEx, a game on par with Monopoly in Russia and the CIS. So, it seems like the team is led by a qualified founder who knows what he is doing.

    YouHodler – Noble Ant

    YouHodler qualifies as a top crypto loan service because of its great LTV ratio offered to its users. Additionally, the team has high expertise in the crypto/blockchain industry.

    The crypto-backed loan business models are relatively new. Though, with more HODLers jumping on board of a digital new game, startups like YouHodler will be a significant game player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. Keep an eye on this new industry and HODL.

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