Healthy Marlboro Cigarettes to Make You Smoke Vitamins

    Healthy Marlboro Cigarettes to Make You Smoke Vitamins

    In contrast to inhaling Marlboro cigarettes and nicotine, you might want to consider smoking vitamins. That’s right, we said it. SMOKING VITAMINS.

    For all of you who are unfamiliar with Sparq Life Inc., it has pioneered a device which will allow one to inhale vitamins, amino acids, and botanicals. Today, you can choose to smoke vitamins. Crazy, right? 

    Sparq: Healthier Than Marlboro

    Currently, there are 3 Sparq vitamin air mixes that are available on the market. They allegedly help with endurance, anti-aging, and increasing one’s metabolism. While the study is not out there yet, the Sparq commercial informs of the health materials included in the mixes.

    For Males

    For males, the company’s commercial advertises the FUEL pack. The ad shows a male running through the forest and inhaling the cigarette, before running again. Inhaling the mix supposedly improves one’s performance, as the person is inhaling: Beta Alanine, L-Choline, and L-Theanine.

    Healthy Marlboro Cigarettes to Make You Smoke Vitamins

    For Females

    Similarly, in the same commercial, two females inhale and exhale two different products: PURE and MELT.

    PURE supposedly helps you anti-age, as it contains blueberry extract and grape seed extract. And MELT is supposed to contain vitamins and amino acids found in metabolism-increasing sustenance. This includes green tea and acai berry.

    Sparq: No Harmful Chemicals

    For those people who have concerns, worry not. Seems like inhaling vitamins might even be beneficial.

    Furthermore, the “healthy Marlboro cigarettes” were tested in an ISO-Accredited lab. All concerns aside, inhaling nicotine-free ingredients such as green tea is a pretty neat idea.

    Sparq: Eco-friendly and Recyclable

    Above all, the Sparq team has its own values that are represented in eco-friendly and 100% recyclable materials. Because of its values, the device even comes with instructions for its free recycling program.

    E-cigarettes with nicotine might be out the door in a few years, as Sparq is launching its Indiegogo campaign for nature-lovers to inhale nicotine-free vitamin air.

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