Automated Planter to Grow Flowers for the One You Love

    Automated Planter to Grow Flowers for the One You Love

    How romantic things can get when one brings flowers to his/her Beloved one! Back in the old days, the process of plant-giving was a must-do activity. In the modern world, flowers are not as popular as they once were. Still, people tend to purchase roses and tulips for their Beloved ones, especially for big events and/or holidays.

    There is good news for modern individuals who like the old tradition of flower-giving. The new device is an automated planter called Bloomengine, and it is now available for sale.

    Automated Planter to Grow Flowers for the One You Love

    Bloomengine: Unique Planter Concept

    Bloomengine is a full ecosystem that is designed to be a smart planter. The automated planter even has a built-in full HD camera to take real-time photos for documentation. The system monitors and takes care of the plant’s sunlight, water, and air needs. For plant lovers, this is a busy planter’s dream that is now a reality. For lovers, this is one way to document and give a fantastic gift.

    Bloomengine: How to Use Planter

    To start the planter, one needs to put in the compressed soil and seed on top of it. Once the first step is completed, you just pour the liquid fertilizer into the planter and then wait.

    To take care of the plant’s needs, the special monitoring system will allow you to add water and turn the power on. The internal water pump will circulate the water so that it remains fresh.

    After you pour water into the tank and water is released, a simulated “rainfall” goes onto the plant, from the top of the device. You can set the water setting levels through your smartphone on the Bloomengine app. The planter even has a built-in micro fan that supports plant ventilation and exchange of gases in the atmosphere.

    If you like to hang around your plant, the specially designed LED lights in the planter can double up the mood lighting. This means that when you go to bed, you can opt for different color lights that will illuminate your room.

    Bloomengine: How to Use Planter

    Bloomengine: Recommended Plant to Grow

    The ideal type of plant to grow will need to be small enough to fit into the Bloomengine device once it matures. The type of plant that Bloomengine advertises for the smart planter is small flowers. Small flowers can fill your home with joy and beauty.

    Bloomengine: One of Top 5 Most Innovative Products – Consumer Electronics Show

    This device is, in fact, so innovative that the Consumer Electronics Show selected it as one of the Top 5 Most Innovative Products. As one may note, the aforementioned device is so practical that it can even remove the need to have a friend nearby to enter your house and water your plant when you are out on vacation.

    The next time you want to enjoy beautiful flowers and monitor a plant’s growth with minimal manual input, take a look at the Bloomengine planter. It will, surely, help you create some good memories.

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