Google News on Blockchain: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Google News on Blockchain: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

As we are all aware, professional writers, in general, do not make much. Despite the views on their articles, money, and profit on a website generally, come from sponsored content. Content has a higher likelihood for monetization if it shows up on Google News, which involves a high amount of SEO optimization; the investments required to feature a Google news article include time and skill. However, what if writing could be backed by a token and rewarded based on views?

Well, FidelityHouse (FIH) has come up with just this concept. The product is a social content network where original content of writers becomes tokenized.

Google News on Blockchain: Fact One

The idea of content such as Google News articles on blockchain is drawing investor attention. Apparently, potential investors believe that blockchain for media is a relevant potential future for us.

With a scope only limited to the Italian Market, FidelityHouse’s Open Public Equity Hard Cap got oversubscribed in just 24 hours.

Google News on Blockchain: Fact Two

Financial Times listed FidelityHouse’s owner, Horizon Group, among 1000 companies that had the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2013 and 2016.

TLDR: FidelityHouse’s owner knows how to grow money.

Google News on Blockchain: Fact Three

FidelityHouse started with zero marketing budget. This means that the stakeholders had to bootstrap their way up to where they are today.

Google News on Blockchain: Fact Four

Instead of the content belonging to the platform once submitted, FidelityHouse’s model consists of the user (content creator) owning the content and licensing it to the platform.

Google News on Blockchain: Fact Five

Based on FidelityHouse’s model, payments to users (content creators) will be provided by a smart contract. The smart contract consists of code that creates a self-executing contract. The self-executing contract will allow for trackable transactions to take place for payment.

Google News

In general, original content producers such as writers have not found ways to capitalize on views of articles. For top displays on sites such as Google News, articles require SEO optimization and linking.

Based on the skill and effort, a reward based on a number of views would be adequate, as the writer invested his/her time and talent, much like any other profession, into crafting an article. The owner of the article (the writer) is sometimes not compensated depending on a number of views, but on clicks on sponsored content.

This can be solved by the writer’s act of tokenizing his/her content on a network. The writer thus can generate income based on traffic and quality of traffic. We believe that blockchain is the future of media and sites such as Google News.

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