How to Create Your Own Ethereum or Tron Token

How to Create Your Own Ethereum or Tron Token

Everyone wants to know how to create their own token. So, how to create your own Ethereum or Tron? We are here to show you how to create your tokens on Ethereum and Tron. It is getting easier to do it these days.

How to Create Your Ethereum ERC-20 Token with CoinLaunch

You can create your own Ethereum ERC-20 token pretty easily using the CoinLaunch Coincreator. You will need to do this using Metamask as well. 

First of all, when you visit the CoinLaunch Coincreator, you will be prompted to download, install, and set up the Metamask extension. Metamask is a wallet for Ether. Then, you confirm that you are operating on the testnet in Metamask, so that you can do fake test ether.

For your token, you should know what type of token you want to issue. You enter in the fields for Name, Symbol (similar to a stock symbol), Supply, and Decimal (how small the pieces of your tokens will be, such as whole numbers, etc.). If you are looking to avoid a crowdsale, check off the box for “Apply Token Only Contract”. If you want to create a token sale, you will have to pay gas. The costs of this will depend on how many tokens you are selling and the price of the gas.

If you click “Deploy Token Only” from the Contract Actions panel, your tokens will go live. Here, you can check to see if everything is according to the way you want it.

Finally, if you have verified everything, you can go forward with the real run. Switch your Metamask back to the mainnet to create the real Ethereum ERC-20 token; remember the above fields.

How to Create Your Tron Token in TronWatch Wallet

To create your own token on Tron, you can use the TronWatch wallet. TronWatch is the wallet built for Tron, where you can manage your Tron finances in one application. This is an open source wallet, where you can store and spend your Tron tokens.

To create your custom token in TronWatch wallet, you need at least 1024 TRON (TRX). Go to “Tokens” and create a new token. But, you need to see if the token name has already been taken.

You put in the Token Name, the Token Abbreviation, and the Total Supply that will be in circulation. Then, you put in the Description of the purpose of the token. You can enter in a URL for a website, where users can find more information about the token.

While a frozen supply is not a requirement, you can put in a frozen supply amount. This must be frozen for a minimum of 1 day. Thus, this assures investors that you are not dumping your coin.

Then, you can put in your exchange rate. This is where you can list your token that can be bought with a certain amount of TRON (TRX) tokens. The last fields are the start date and end date; you will need to come up with these dates.

You choose your wallet. Finally, you click “Create New Token” and confirm. Thus, your token has been created successfully! The tokens will show up in your wallet.

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