BitTorrent Token (BTT): A Great Investment or a Scam?

BitTorrent Token (BTT): A Great Investment or a Scam?

BitTorrent (BTT) recently launched on Binance, and the price of the token increased soon after its launch. The token still has its ups and downs as of the moment. Thus, no one can tell for certain if the token will significantly increase in price or lose all of its value.

BitTorrent Value Proposition

BitTorrent first launched in 2001. The peer-to-peer file sharing ability allowed users to distribute data and share files over the Internet. Various court jurisdictions have deemed some BitTorrent files to be illegal; however, all over the world, people use BitTorrent to share data.

Back in the day, the platform used a concept that was like the blockchain concept. This is because people were pretty much keeping BitTorrent open on their computers to help process data for others. So, BitTorrent is a pretty good use case for blockchain.

Dubious Airdrops: Will BitTorrent Token Price Crash?

As soon as TRON founder Justin Sun obtained BitTorrent and launched the new BTT token on the Tron blockchain, the crypto community debated about whether or not the BitTorrent token will lose its value. The crypto market is well-known for its volatility; however, the concern about BTT is even greater because there are now TRON (TRX) holders who obtained free airdrop BTT tokens.

For the next few years, BitTorrent will be releasing additional portions of the BTT tokens. Because of these free BTT tokens, people worry about price of BTT. There might be BTT tokens that others dump on exchanges; consequently, the value of BTT might easily drop.

Who knows if the BitTorrent token will increase in price or lose its value? On one hand, there is a decent value proposition. However, on the other hand, there are these airdrops that can reduce the value of the token, depending on how people react. If they choose to dump the BTT tokens on exchanges, they can cause the price to crash.

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