These Bitcoin Loan Startups Are Dominating the Crypto Winter

These Bitcoin Loan Startups Are Dominating the Crypto Winter

The market goes up and the market goes down. Sometimes, like right now, it just goes sideways. It seems impossible to predict crypto in 2019 but some startups found a way to profit regardless. We’re talking about bitcoin loan startups and through their innovation and convenient utility, they’ve dominated the crypto winter the most. Let’s take a look at three right now.


Bitcoin loan startups can be found all over the globe but dominating the United States is easily NEXO. Unlike other platforms, NEXO features their own SEC-compliant, asset-backed token for purchase. The company states that these tokens can provide passive income in of up to 30% from the company’s profits, which are then distributed to NEXO token holders. From the platform’s perspective, clients love NEXO for fast transaction time, no fees and a free NEXO card.


Claiming themselves as the “first P2P lending platform for crypto assets backed loans”, CoinLoan offers a few unique features. Since this is a P2P bitcoin loan startup, the user must first deposit fiat or stable coins if they want to lend. From there, they ait fora match and then receive their loan payment once found. With high maximum loan terms (3 years), CoinLoan gives us a great deal of flexibility to use their loan however they want it.


Unlike CoinLoan, YouHodler is not a P2P lending site. Users can sign up, pass KYC and receive their loans all within minutes. Compared to the competition, YouHodler features the highest loan to value ratio on the market (80%) and more collateral options to choose from. Users can choose BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETH, XRP and more as collateral. In exchange, they get a near instant cash loan in USD, EUR or USDT.

To pay back, the process is just as convenient with credit/debit card, USDT, and bank wire as payback options. YouHodler’s attractive affiliate program also allows users to make a passive income from promoting their platform and getting referrals to sign up. In terms of speed, profitability, convenience, and accessibility, this is easily one of the best bitcoin loan startups.

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