Ivan Kv on Making KV LLC a Brand

    Ivan Kv on Making KV LLC a Brand

    How do you grow a company? Many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question, but according to Ivan Kv, the answer is quite simple. The owner of KV LLC states that the way to grow a company is to brand it well. However, branding goes deeper than simply creating a good logo design and coming up with a catchy tagline. Indeed, a brand’s success comes down to transparency, consistency, and trust.

    Do You Trust Your Favorite Brands?

    Think about the brands that you trust the most. Why do you trust them? Sure, they make good products. However, did you ever stop to think about why so many people keep buying iPhones every year when there are many good competitors? The differentiator, Kv believes, comes down to the brand’s trustworthiness. People need to be able to believe in a brand, and they must be able to trust that the brand will deliver in the end, even though differences in opinion may occur.

    How to Build Trust with Your Clients

    Gaining clients’ trust is not always easy. It is not just a matter of offering good customer service and being fully dedicated to a project’s success. Building trust starts with transparency. Your thoughts on a specific subject need to be fully transparent because your clients need to see the thought process. That way, they can understand how your business operates and the value that it will offer them.

    Building a Brand Starts with Building a Relationship

    How can you build a brand and sell it to your clients, without having first established a relationship with them? Well, you can’t. You will need to take the time to understand how your clients think. You may find that you and your clients have different opinions. Disagreement is okay, as your clients might be analytical, structural, social, or conceptual thinkers. By taking the time to understand your clients, you can start to establish respect with them.

    Learning how your clients think will help you to form better relationships with them, establish trust, and sell your products or services. Above all, stay open-minded and patient.

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