What Is a Reverse Microwave?

    A reverse microwave is a product that can cool down food and beverages in seconds. One of the most popular uses of these reverse microwaves, or “rapid coolers,” is for cooling alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

    How Does a Reverse Microwave Work?

    There are many kinds of reverse microwaves, with different functions and various cooling and heating methods. One model, known as the “V-Tex,” makes use of a cooling vortex in order to spin the drinks and cool them down, without disturbing the carbonation of the beverages.

    While it is often called a reverse microwave, it does not use “microwaves” in the way that a typical microwave unit heats food. So, from a scientific perspective, the label has nothing to do with how the product actually works. The V-Tex uses fluid dynamics, not air currents.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Frigondas is one of the more well-known manufacturers of reverse microwaves. The brand offers a wide range of reverse microwaves products. The products are not yet on sale, as the company is still awaiting the green light from U.S. food regulatory authorities.

    The cost is expected to be around $1,000. Reverse microwaves are a little expensive right now, simply because they are so niche. There are no large-scale manufacturers, which is why the price is so high right now. It should come down in time.

    Benefits of Reverse Microwaves

    Reverse microwaves can help to cool food rapidly, which helps to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and meet FDA regulations. The product can have multiple advantages for the food industry, as it also helps to maintain the texture and taste of the food and drinks. It is because as food gets cold, the liquid evaporates. The rapid cooling of reverse microwaves serves to preserve the moisture content.

    There are many financial advantages to reverse microwaves. You can heat up and cool down food in one unit, saving on the cost of purchasing separate appliances. Because the units can preserve and maintain food, restaurants and other food outlets can increase their profit margins.

    It can also be used, more commonly, by families and individuals to avoid waste, which could have positive effects for the environment. These units also tend to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient in general. The V-Tex uses 80% less energy than standard beverage cooling units.

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