Lost on an Island? This Solar Light Device Will Help You Charge Your iPhone

    Solar energy is universal and, after the initial startup costs, virtually free. Gone are the days where big clunky solar panels had to be installed in just the right conditions with just the right amount of land, all while being protected from the elements to function properly. As our electronics get more advanced, so do the solar light inventions that can power those devices.

    STELA Solar Light

    STELA is a portable light device that works just about anywhere. It does not provide just light; rather, it has a multitude of functions. Created and patented by a small startup, STELA is designed to help you in pretty much any situation. The best part is that the device can be charged through its solar panel or its MicroUSB port. Thus, you can take it with you on any adventure.

    Cool STELA Features

    STELA is an all-in-one solar light gadget. Besides working like a flashlight, STELA comes with a power bank. So, you can charge your small electronic devices, such as your phone.

    Another one technological feature of the STELA device is the motion detection software. The handy device has motion detection features so that the device can be placed somewhere and conserve energy. The device will emit light once it detects motion within a 10-12 meter radius.

    Additionally, STELA has four different light modes that range from super soft lights to crazy bright lights of 500 lumens. In mode one, STELA steadily exudes a dim 75 lumens light, and then it increases to 500 lumens for 30 seconds once its motion sensor is activated. Mode two is the most energy-conserving; there is no low light, but the device will flash 500 lumens of light for 30 seconds once the motion sensor is activated. Modes 1 and 2 come with auto on/off features. With this auto function, STELA will turn off and charge during the day, and it will turn on at night. STELA’s two other modes act more like traditional flashlights. Mode three illuminates a steady 150 lumens light, and mode four illuminates a steady 500 lumens light.

    With technology rapidly developing, there’s no telling what the future of solar energy holds. Perhaps, there will be even better devices that will be able to help you do pretty much anything, even if you happen to get lost or stranded on an island.

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