What Is an Aqua Treadmill?

    The aqua treadmill is a treadmill that works underwater. The user is not completely submerged in water, and he or she can breathe freely. However, the walking movement is still replicated, and this is said to have many benefits for athletes and regular individuals. One such brand of aqua treadmills is HydroWorx.

    HydroWorx Aqua Treadmill History

    According to HydroWorx, Dr. Paul Hetrick helped to develop its aqua treadmill after seeing an underwater treadmill at a local horse track in 1987. Early on, Hetrick had been injured in an accident, which left him without the use of his legs. However, he recovered a few months later after rehabbing in a pool. Later, Hetrick aspired to create an aqua treadmill to help people improve their mobility. He got to work, and soon the HydroWorx was born.

    Developing the product was not a straightforward process. In 1997, the business launched, after having gone through some financial hurdles and product testing protocols. In 1998, the company started to get a number of orders, and the rest is history.

    Benefits of the Aqua Treadmill

    Water creates greater resistance than air, and, thus, the act of moving the body through water can do a better job of strengthening the muscles. The aqua treadmill can assist people who have difficulties with mobility. The water will provide gentle resistance that will not put excessive strain on the joints but will provide more resistance than the standard treadmill does.

    In addition to helping those who are disabled, it is also great for athletes who want to improve their performance. Water is a great medium in which to train. In addition, training on a treadmill can be very hard on joints, as one’s feet constantly pound the floor of the machine. Aqua treadmills are far less damaging, and they can help one avoid joint pain in the lower body.

    The aqua treadmill also facilitates hydrostatic pressure. This means that there is equal pressure around all parts of the immersed body, which lessens the chance of injury and inflammation while enhancing flexibility and strength.

    Cost and Manufacturers

    The disadvantage of aqua treadmills is that they are not exactly cheap. There are some products available from manufacturers such as AquaBilt that only cost $1,500. However, these are just very basic treadmills with a roller belt and no engine. You put them in a pool and walk on them.

    Better models, such as the HydroWorx, are self-contained and designed to replicate how the body moves on land. They come with super advanced features and range in price from $25,000 – $250,000.

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