With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and easy access to crypto exchanges, more and more people consider trading as a serious financial opportunity. From “scalping” to “intraday trading” and “position trading,” working with digital assets can be profitable.

We are a group of professional traders and investors whose goal is to provide the community of traders with relevant trading news and crypto analyses.

Welcome to Noble Ant, founded in June 2018. We strive to bring you the latest trading and cryptocurrency news. Our goal is to provide our readers with original, fresh, and educational content that is relevant and interesting.

About Noble Ant

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Noble Ant is an online news publication that covers topics in Cryptocurrencies and trading. Here, you can find unique content related to general crypto news and crypto analyses for traders.

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About The Team

Ivan Kv – CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Ivan Kv - profile

Ivan is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur and investor who started his career in publishing back in 2015 (when he created his first online publication covering new tech news). In 2016, Ivan began trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple as a professional hobby. He later took and completed a two-month trading course where he mastered his intraday trading skills.

Ashley Kv – Managing Editor

Ashley Kv – Managing Editor

Ashley is a Co-Founder of KV LLC and an NYU graduate whose professional interests include Business, FinTech, and Blockchain technology. As a crypto investor herself, Ashley has closely been following digital coins and their development since 2017.

Peter Kurzh (aka SonicTrade) – Lead Writer

Peter Kurzh (aka SonicTrade) – Lead Writer

Peter is a professional trader, a graduate of CryptoMaximum trading school, and a leading analyst on TradingView. SonicTrade started his career in trading back in 2018. With his precise analyses, Peter quickly gained respect and popularity among the trading community.

Fred King – Advisor and Contributor

Fred King – Lead Writer

Fred is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur who is heavily involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.